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(863): You drunkenly walked in on us banging and said yeeeeaaaaaahhhh and tried to high five me

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This is how they sell books in Nightvale.

Loved this!

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Very disappointed and upset that I wasn’t able to get tickets for Open at the Close. I had the screen pulled up all morning and was constantly refreshing starting at about 1:50. The website started moving very slowly, and it took a few minutes for me to get to the page where the ticket was. Then when I went to check out it glitched and told me I couldn’t buy a lit pass (which I had already purchased) because they were sold out. So I tried again and it told me that I still couldn’t do a lit pass (which like I said, I already had)- but this time it said that the park event was old out too. After about five minutes of nerdy crying, a friend told me there was a wait list I could get on. I really hope that they can add more tickets because I am so sad. I know Leaky is doing everything they can and I am appreciative of that. Even though I’m upset I didn’t get it, I am NOT MAD AT THE LEAKY STAFF. Do not be upset with them. They are doing and have been doing everything they can to make sure we have a good time and are attempting to get more tickets. So thanks, Melissa and staff. I appreciate what you’re doing and really hope that you can get more tickets.

What a nice and reasoned explanation of disappointment; I really hope you can get in too. I hope EVERYONE who wants to get in gets in! And I absolutely understand that if you didn’t get your ticket you are disappointed. I toooootally get that. But thank you for still being nice to the staff who are ALL major harry potter nerds like you, and are trying their hardest to do as much as they can for everyone. When people are mean to them, I see stripes.

This is why I love fandom.

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Whenever your faith in people is lost, remember these pictures.

This needs more notes. 37k is not enough

this is a post that deserves to be broken. One day I would like nothing more than too see this has too many notes.

People are still good. For some reason the negativity is all we pay attention to, but there are still good things happening in the world. We just need to be reminded of that once in a while.

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- “This is the Cute Police. We just received a complaint from your neighbors and they would like you to tone it down” 

- “Pterodactyl Noises: An Epic Saga, by The LBD Fandom” 


- “So many possible boning jokes, so little time”

- “I see you, Darcy. The sex in the voice was very strong with this one” 

- “P&P REFRENCES, YAY!” - Me during and after the video 

- “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN WALK BACK INTO MY LIFE AND I’M STILL GONNA LOVE YOU YOU’RE…. right, because I’m weak and I can’t quit you” *sobs*

- I have used this for another post, but it became relevant again



- *clings to OTP* “I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUUU” *cries a lot*

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Coming attractions.

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Please stay tuned for a lengthy post.

Most of you know me by the internet handle “Miss Sinister”. If you don’t know of me, here’s a summary:

  1. I heart makeup
  2. No cosplay is off limits.

I have cosplayed Vaas (Farcry), Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell), Sagat (Street Fighter), Saeko Busujima…

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Don’t tell us tumblr isn’t run by wizards.


Don’t tell us tumblr isn’t run by wizards.

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