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chocolateauthoress replied to your photo: My labor of love for the past couple days -…

gdi this is heartbreaking to the point of sobbing and wailing. 11/10

I finally figured out how to respond to comments! (Is that the word for them? Comments? Or Replies? …)

ANYway, thank you love!! <3 I worked really hard on it, and I’m going to be doing more! I think a more lighthearted one should be up next. Any preferences? :) I’m doing quotes from the show, just fyi.

  1. chocolateauthoress a dit : Either or is ok, it’s kind of weird to reply to replies xD it was adorable♥ I love it! So that’s why you were asking for memorable quotes? You can do the “Hey Charlotte!” or the “It’s super important” if you go for lighthearted quotes.
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